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Welcome to The Vintage Watchman

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Our new site, like our business, The Vintage Watch Man, has evolved and we are excited to share the changes.

Originally we wanted to share our neat finds with the world with an on line business… what it has evolved into is a group of watchmakers, collectors, and jewellers looking for watches that we find. This loyal group buys almost every watch, part and movement that we come across as we know which collector is seeking which watch or watch tool. This has created a great environment for the retiring jewellers, retiring watchmakers, pawn brokers, downsizing collectors, and their families because 90% of what we buy we know who will buy it from us tomorrow. This quick turnover allows us to pay more for material as we will not be waiting 6 months to years to move inventory. A true win/win for all!

Check out our About Us page to see how this adventure started, or On The Road to see some of the cool things that we have come across.

We would love for you to get to know us as we want to be THE vintage watch solution if you want to sell… watchmaker estates, watch material, watch tools, vintage watches and more. If you want to buy… let us know what you want if it is antique pocket watches, antique wrist watches, watch displays, watch crystals, movements... with a material supply house in our future!

For the Prop Masters, Costume Designers, or anyone in theatre, tv or film production that needs the details correct we have provided correct period time pieces to projects like the award winning short film Split Ticket, and the HBO smash hit Boardwalk Empire… you can see our Stars of the Show page to get a feel for what we can do for any period production.

We are most proud of our reference page as it is important to us to leave every transaction having made another loyal client and friend.

This is a list of our upcoming events and travel plans. 

Oct. 7th-9th will find Micah in Los Angeles visiting jewelers, watchmakers, and pawn shops.
Oct. 12th and 13th Micah will be at the World Wide Traders show in York, PA.
Oct. 14th and 15th Micah will be at the NAWCC Regional in York, PA.
Oct. 16th Micah will be in the Dayton, Ohio area on appointments.
The week of Oct. 23rd will find Micah on the road in Upstate, NY.
Nov. 4th Micah will be at the NAWCC Chapter #8 show in Sturbridge, MA.

As not only a jeweler, but also a watchmaker, I have worked with Micah at The Vintage Watch Man to dispose of obsolete watch material and watches. I have also turned to Micah when I needed that hard to find movement or crystal to service my customers. Thanks to The Vintage Watch Man.
Simms II Jewelers
Winchester, MA