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I can tell you when it all began.

My dad took it upon himself to go to the local jeweler and buy me a pocket watch for my high school graduation (what I now know as a VERY traditional graduation gift)…I wore that watch daily for years! That watch started it all!

I think I started collecting like many people do… cautiously… not being very sure of myself I bought cheap watches and learned the hard way that can become expensive! I have to say, I still have a couple of those watches and though they will never be very valuable… I STILL think they are cool! You can see two of these on our “Stars of the show” page.

Over the years my collection grew to the point that I had to somehow get control of it. I had a number of vintage Hamilton watches as I loved the wide variety of shapes and styles of the 50’s and 60’s Electrics, a vintage Longines, and a vintage Omega automatic that I inherited from an uncle… so I decided that I would collect these three brands and sell everything else… with one exception… I kept a small watch case that if something came along that I NEEDED… it had to fit in the case… or something had to be sold from the case to make it fit! So occasionally a vintage Heuer, or vintage LeCoultre would replace an older find.

The best part of the whole adventure is when I met Mary the woman who was to become my best friend, wife, and partner in crime. A woman who is a collector of anything Victorian… and who enjoys the various yard sales, flea markets, auctions, and antique stores that I search through looking for my treasures, however, I have learned that whenever I hear “isn’t that pretty” as I’m sorting through a watchmaker’s estate I’ve purchased, the profit margin just went down!

Mary and I have become members of the National Association of Clock and Watch Collectors (NAWCC) and local chapters from MA to CT (which I would HIGHLY recommend!) We have met many people who have shared their passion, knowledge, and friendship. Mary has become the treasurer of our local NAWCC Chapter #87, and I am in my second term as president. I have also just been nominated to run for the NAWCC Board of Directors!

This all brings us back to where I would ask you to check our references page to see what other people say about us.

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