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Buying or Selling?

Want to buy:
We started The Vintage Watch Man with the idea of selling on line and soon discovered that though a picture may be worth 1000 words… it cannot tell the whole story. Buying a vintage watch or antique watch is also about how the watch feels on the wrist… how the movement sounds when running. You can even tell something from the smell inside the case of an old Pulsar if the battery was left inside and leaked.
We also started to have a loyal following of collectors, watchmakers, and jewelers that seek us out at the various shows that we do, or want to know of every watch we find in their area of interest. I collect Hamilton Electric watches… we have railroad watch collectors, vintage Rolex collectors, vintage dive watch collectors, watchmakers and more.
Want to buy? Drop us an e-mail or send us a text and we will try to help. We travel the East Coast on a regular basis and attend many NAWCC local shows from Philadelphia up through New England plus NAWCC Regionals and National shows from Florida to Ohio and all along the East Coast. We also attend The Brimfield Antique Shows, and Madison-Bouckville shows in New York so I am sure that we can get together. Give us a call or see the contact us page!

Want to Sell:
Are you a retiring jeweler, a retiring watchmaker, or a collector downsizing? Are you a family with a watchmaker’s estate, jeweler’s estate, or watch collector’s estate? From one watch to an entire watch material supply house we would like to talk to you. With our unique business where we have developed ready and willing buyers for everything from vintage Rolex watches, vintage LeCoultre watches, vintage Patek Phillipe watches to antique Waltham watches, antique Elgin watches, and antique Howard watches… just to name a few. We also buy vintage A. Lange, Agassiz, Audemars, Baume, Ball, Breitling, Croton, Dudley, Gallet, Gruen, Hampden, Howard, International, Longines, Omega, Seiko, Tiffany, Tissot, Touchon, Ulysee Nardin, Universal, Vacheron, Wakmann and more!
Unlike much of our competition we do not just buy the cream of the crop! We actively seek watch movements, watch crystals, watch material, cases, parts, tools, displays… whatever catches our eye! We will buy it ALL… and NOT leave you “stuff” to dispose of.
We are THE solution for Pawn shops too! Do you have a customer with a watch that looks cool… but you just don’t know what it is, or might be worth? Want to talk??? Check out our contact us page or give us a call and we can help!

Costume Designers/ Prop Masters:
Are you working in 1865 or 1965? Pocket watches in 1890, 1900, 1910, or 1920 are likely to be four different watches with different styles, features, and sizes. Wristwatches too evolved dramatically in their first 50 years that they became popular for men to wear from the early trench watches in the late teens up to the first commercial quartz wristwatch in 1969. Are these details important to you? At the Vintage Watch Man the details are important to us too. If you are on a budget looking for watches for extras or background characters maybe watches cosmetically restored but not running are for you. Are you looking for a running statement piece for a lead character? Think of the place the orange face Doxa dive watch is for Dirk Pitt in Clive Cussler novels and movies. The James Bond character has evolved from wearing his signature Rolex to a series of Seiko watches to today’s Omegas! From the award winning short film Split Ticket and the HBO hit series Boardwalk Empire to movies and theater you can find watches from the Vintage Watch Man. How can we make your production easier? Give us a call or send a text and we will go to work. Check out our Stars of the Show page for just one example.

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