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Our Stars of the Show page comes with a bit of a story. My wife and I do a flea market north of Boston a couple of times a season at a place called Todd's Farm. A few years ago I had a woman approach our table and after looking over some of our women's watches... bought one, introduced herself and explained that she was a costume designer working on a pilot for a series on HBO called "Boardwalk Empire." That is where it all began. Lisa called a few months later and explained that they were working on their first season and needed more watches... so off to New York we went to meet with Lisa Padovani, and John Dunn, also a costume designer on the show. Every few months since Lisa or John would drop a line to let us know that they were going to have new characters and needed more watches, fobs, chains, etc... then earlier this year Lisa e-mailed to let me know that she had referred me to the prop department. There was an upcoming scene where they need a dozen or so watches circa 1920 that looked new... with the correct display pieces...soon! After scrambling just a bit we sent these watches down that were featured in the episode "What Does the Bee Do." Check it out.

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We at the Vintage Watch Man not only value the relationship with the people at "Boardwalk Empire", but we also love the show!

"Micah from The Vintage Watch Man has been with us from the very beginning... from the Pilot, through our first and second seasons... and now looking toward production of season three I know that we will be working together again. The watches from The Vintage Watch Man have helped put the finishing touch on dozens of our character's costumes."

Lisa Padovani
Co-Costume Designer
"Boardwalk Empire"

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