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Sometimes obtaining the correct vintage pieces to create a costume for a character from almost 100 years ago can be a challenge. Every time that I have called on Micah from the Vintage Watch Man he has come with a wide selection of pocket watches, wrist watches, fobs, or accessories that I can choose from to complete the vision I have to make a character's costume complete. Thanks Micah!
John Dunn
Costume Designer
“Boardwalk Empire”

My father was a watchmaker for over 40 years. After Dad passed away it was important to me that we did the best that we could for my Mom. Micah from The Vintage Watch Man came to the house... understood our situation and bought it all! After dealing with Micah over a couple of years on this... I know that he is someone that I can trust.
Atkinson, NH

As a woman and an avid vintage watch collector, I can't often find the selection of watches that the men seem to enjoy at a competitive price. As a repeat customer of Micah's at The Vintage Watch Man I can say that is not the case here... I find a wide selection of both women's wrist watches, and pocket watches that are priced just right!
Norton, MA

My dad was a master watchmaker for many years but since he passed away I had sold off what I thought to have any value. When Micah from The Vintage Watch Man came to us he was glad to look in dusty corners and paid us fairly for what he found... what many others had left behind. Thanks Micah.
Morton's Jewelry
Cumberland, MD

Great watches... Great prices!
Lynn. MA

Some time back I bought a really nice vintage watch from Micah for a great price. Now, whenever I think of buying a watch or selling a watch... I think of The Vintage Watch Man because I know that I can count on him for fair and honest treatment. Highly recommend.
Hollis, ME

Having been an auctioneer for a number of years this is a business where you truly believe that you have seen it all! I have to say that Micah from The Vintage Watch Man has sent us some items for our auctions that are truly unique. Thanks Micah!
Easton Auction Co, OH

Being the owner of a jewelry store that has been in the same location for 45 years I can tell you that sometimes excess inventory can accumulate. Whether it has been some old watch material, display items, crystal cabinets, or a customer who wants to sell his Patek Phillipe, Micah at the Vintage Watch Man has always been just a phone call away... he comes promptly, pays fairly, and makes anything vintage watch related easy to deal with.
Grono and Christie Jewelers
Milton, MA

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